balanceThe Firm of Income Tax and Sales Tax Lawyers was established in 1975, rendering professional services to business class as well for Salaried Personals. Since 1975 it is working in the present name & style. The Firm is headed by MR. ABDUL AZIZ ISMAIL, Senior Advocate High Court of Sindh. The team consists of professional staffs that is highly specialized in their respective fields and equipped with professional ethics.


hammerThe Firm is dedicated to provide services to his clients in different areas with highest level of integrity. It is the basic philosophy of the Firm that the service to each client is based on a substantive knowledge of his business and the industry of which he is a part. We believe that this understanding of the client and the industry is of vital importance in rendering constructive services.



clockWhether you are in business, need investment advice why not take a look around these pages to find out how AZIZ ISMAIL & CO can help you. We cover almost all branches of tax laws such as Income Tax, Sales Tax, Copyrights, Trademarks and Company law etc.

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